In order to be a member of itsMYtime you must agree and adhere to the following conditions;

The Service

  1. itsMYtime is a digital gym that provides it's members with access to wellbeing workouts, wellbeing programmes,  information relating to health and wellbeing, and access to the positive community.
  2. We reserve the right to make changes from time to time and without notice to the way in which we operate the service to improve the user experience. 

Membership Registration

  1. You can browse itsMYtime and try out a selection of wellbeing workouts without registering for membership. To gain full access to all of the exclusive content on itsMYtime you will need to be a paying member.
  2. To be able to register you must; Be 18 years old or over, Possess a valid payment method, Possess a valid email address.
  3. You may terminate your membership at any time but you will not be entitled to any refund of any memberships fees paid.

Membership General Conditions

  1. Please use the site's commenting facilities responsibly, in particular do not post content that includes any offensive, obscene or defamatory acts or statements, illegal activities and/or activities which may cause offence to others on grounds of race, religion, creed or sex.
  2. Please obtain the permission of any clearly identifiable individual(s) that feature in your posts.
  3. You understand that all data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from which the content originated. This means that you are entirely responsible for all content that you upload, post or email via our site.
  4. Under no circumstances will we (itsMYtime Ltd) be liable in any way for any content, including any errors or omissions in any content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of your use of any content. You agree that you must evaluate and bear all risks associated with the use of any content including any reliance on its accuracy or completeness.
  5. We do not pre-screen content members post but we have the right (though not the obligation) in our sole discretion to move, modify, or remove any content that is available on our site.
  6. At times, the site may not be available or may be affected by faults or maintenance, or by conditions outside our control.
  7. You must not damage, interfere with or disrupt access to the site or its content, nor do anything that may impair its functionality or interfere with another person’s access to the site or its content.
  8. You must not use the site or its content in any way that is unlawful or damaging to us (itsMYtime Ltd).
  9. Although we have checked all third party sites linked to this site, we are not responsible or liable in any way for their content. Your use of such third party sites will be subject to the terms and conditions of those sites.
  10. When interacting with fellow members in the support rooms, please be as empathetic as possible when giving advice and also be mindful of your comments.
  11. Only share information in the community areas of itsMYtime if you feel comfortale doing so.

Health & Safety

  1. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own physical and psychological health and safety at all times.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that you have been assessed by a medical expert (e.g. your GP/Doctor) who has given you consent to partake in wellbeing workouts that require you to engage with any physical activity.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for continuously updating your medical consent through regular assessment in the form of a fitness appraisal by a medical expert (independent and unrelated to itsMYtime Ltd), in particular before completing wellbeing workouts that involve physical activity.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that the instructions provided on itsMYtime are for general guidance purposes only and should not replace or super-exceed the advice given to you by your own medical expert (e.g. your GP/Doctor). Should you choose to ignore medical advice, you do so at your own risk and itsMYtime Ltd (directors, employees, and affiliates) shall hold no liability for damage and/or injury caused.
  5. You acknowledge and agree itsMYtime Ltd is to complement, not replace any psychological therapies or treatments.
  6. You accept that the information, advice, and guidance given to you by fellow members in the community areas of itsMYtime may not be 100% accurate. If you act on any advice given from fellow members you do so at your own risk. itsMYtime Ltd (directors, employees, and affiliates) shall hold no liability for damage and/or injury caused.


  1. Full access to itsMYtime is available via the membership plan that you choose.
  2. By successfully entering your card details on this site you agree that we are authorised to automatically charge you the agreed recurrent membership fee at the current rate. The charge will be made to the payment method you selected in your registration.
  3. Payments are non-refundable.
  4. The first payment will be taken after your free trial period has expired and subsequent payments will be taken on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your membership.
  5. You may access your account details at any time by accessing the ‘Account Settings' section of the site. Here you can change your payment method and plan any time. 
  6. If a payment is declined for any reason, then itsMYtime Ltd will attempt to take the payment again 5 days after it was first declined. If it is declined a second time then itsMYtime Ltd will attempt to take the payment for a third and final time 5 days after the previous attempt was made. If this payment fails then your membership to itsMYtime will be cancelled.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All intellectual property rights in the content of this site belong to itsMYtime Ltd.
  2. No content (including our wellbeing workout directions, and explainer videos) should be modified, published, transferred to anyone else nor used for any commercial purpose. Except to the extent permitted by applicable law, you must not disassemble, de-compile, reverse engineer or otherwise break or attempt to break encryption protecting content downloaded from this site.


  1. As soon as we are made aware of activities that breach any of these conditions, appropriate action will be taken. If you witness such breaches anywhere else in our site, please notify us via the appropriate channels immediately.
  2. On being made aware of any such breaches, we reserve the right to ban, delete or prohibit any content that relates to those breaches or that we judge harmful to individuals or the rights of any of partners or affiliates.                
  3. We reserve the right to take whatever action we deem necessary to prevent such breaches including the following: Breaches classed as minor may result in a warning or a ban from the community features of itsMYtime. Breaches classed as serious may result in your membership with itsMYtime being terminated (with no refund).
  4. All incidents will be logged and our decision is final in all such cases. 
  5. If you wish to contest a sanction then you can do this via the 'contact us' feature in the help centre.
  6. Any serious breaches may lead to us reporting your activities to your internet service provider or relevant authorities.

Liability for Contents

  1. We are providing this site on an as is basis and make no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this site or its contents and disclaim all such representations and warranties. The information contained in this site may contain minor technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All our liability howsoever arising for any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  2. Neither we nor any of our directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, none of the exclusions and limitations are intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer under English law or other statutory rights which may not be excluded.

Governing Law

  1. These Terms of use are governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.