What is PERMA?

The aim of itsMYtime is to enable you to achieve a high level of wellbeing, also known as flourishing. The science within the field of Positive Psychology has indicated that one of the best ways to accomplish this is through following the PERMA model of wellbeing. Therefore the wellbeing workouts on itsMYtime all relate to this model. The PERMA model was proposed in 2011 by Martin Seligman, the Godfather of Positive Psychology, and since then received a lot of credible support from research conducted by other psychologists within the field. The model states that there are five areas which contribute to your wellbeing and if you experience all five consistently then you will achieve a high level of wellbeing. The five areas are;

Positive Emotions
Experiencing a range of positive emotions more frequently, developing an optimistic mindset, being able to view the past, present, and future in a positive perspective, and maximising pleasurable experiences.

Discovering and engaging with tasks that completely absorb you into the present moment. This can in turn create a ‘flow’ experience which is a blissful immersion into that activity or task. This experience of complete engagement (flow) helps to enhance your intelligence, skills, and emotional capabilities.

Positive Relationships
Making the relationships with those around you as strong and healthy as possible.

Discovering what your purpose is, feeling you contribute to the world, and serving causes that are greater than yourself.

Regularly setting and achieving goals, evolving as a person for the better, and challenging yourself to realise your hopes, aspirations, and dreams.


What about your Physical Health?

The findings from research conducted into topics within physical health are too important to ignore when looking at how to improve wellbeing. For example, if you were to eat junk food all of the time and not exercise or engage in physical activities then you would become overweight, feel lethargic, and lack energy. Over time this would lead to you developing health conditions which would have a negative impact on your wellbeing. Where as if you have a well balanced nutritional intake and exercise regularly then you will feel invigorated, full of energy, and have increased confidence and self esteem all which contribute to improving your wellbeing. Because of this the PERMA model was updated to accomodate physical health by including; nutrition, physical activity, and sleep. But here at itsMYtime we have taken things a step further by taking into account additional components of your physical health.  

Therefore we have added the following area of wellbeing to strengthen this fantastic model.

Positive Physical Health
We have defined this simply as Enabling your body to function at its optimum without unnecessary impairment.


We have broken Positive Physical Health down into five separate components that can be worked on. These components are;

Ensuring you have a well balanced diet.

Physical Exercise
Engaging in regular exercise and physical activities.

Giving your mind and body appropriate time to rest and recover from the challenges of day to day life.

Engaging in practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease through cleanliness.

Preventing/Managing Injury & Illness
Learning techniques to reduce the chances of injury and illness occuring.

Working on these five areas will improve your overall physical health.