Leon Burley


Leon Burley is the Founder of itsMYtime and our current Head Wellbeing Trainer. Although we call him an expert, Leon refers to himself as a; 


"Lifelong Student of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Development."


Leon’s journey to creating itsMYtime began all the way back in 2010 during his second year of University. It was at this time he began suffering from repeated panic attacks that were so intense he required medication and counselling to get by. He nearly quit University to move home but eventually managed to overcome this issue. Once he got through this period he decided he was going to dedicate himself to helping others that were struggling with different aspects of their lives.


After graduating University he worked in a number of different services with individuals diagnosed with varying conditions including; Mental health disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, intellectual disabilities, and Autism. During this time he continued to conduct research on wellbeing development in a bid to further help the clients he worked with. It was here that he came across a branch of psychology known as Positive Psychology that would permanently change his outlook on how to improve wellbeing. Leon was instantly drawn to Positive Psychology because it aims to identify, understand, and promote factors that enable people to function at their optimal level. It focuses on what is good about people, what their strengthens are, and how to get the best out of them rather than what is 'wrong' with them.


In particular one idea from Positive Psychology relating to wellbeing really stood out from the rest to Leon and that was the PERMA model. He was amazed to discover the number of wellbeing benefits an individual could receive if they applied this model to their lives. After making this discovery he became determined to create a platform containing his research into wellbeing development as well as the science supporting it from Positive Psychology. This is when he decided to begin working on creating the World's First Wellbeing Gym. He wanted a place to exist where people could go to work on becoming happier, healthier, and achieving the life they desire. Therefore he dedicated the next three years of his life to developing the format, design, and content for itsMYtime.


Leon now operates itsMYtime and spends his time developing new content, supporting members with their wellbeing, and identifying ways to improve the service. In addition to this he also works as a Wellbeing Coach for an NHS funded social prescribing service called Be Well and primarily spends his time there working with clients to improve their wellbeing. 


If you want to ask Leon any questions about itsMYtime or anything else related to wellbeing, then simply contact us below and he will answer your query as soon as possible. 


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