Ingredients Needed for Strong Relationships

The following 5 qualities are essential for any positive relationship to really flourish and thrive. Under each quality is guidance on how to add more of it to any relationship. 




Respect is the foundation of any good relationship. For a relationship to have respect both people involved must recognise the other person’s value. If you do not value anything about somebody then you cannot respect them. A person’s value is made up of a number of components including their; personality traits, accomplishments, intellect, work ethic, and skill level at a certain task.


If you are in a relationship that lacks respect or you wish to add more respect to a relationship then you and the other person(s) involved should write down a list of all the things you genuinely value about each other.




Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. For a relationship to have trust the people involved must be reliable and truthful to one another. Trust is an important part of a positive relationship because it allows you to open up, be the real you, and share sensitive information with others. Any relationship without trust will create feelings of anxiety, worry, and stress. This is because if you are around people you cannot trust you are constantly on edge and are wary about how you act.


If you are in a relationship that lacks trust or you just want to add more trust to a relationship then you and the other person(s) involved must; stick to your word, be open and honest about what you can and cannot do, refrain from telling lies or engaging in deceitful acts, and put the other person’s best interests at heart. 


Good Communication 


Good communication is being able to accurately get information from one person to the other in a manner which they are happy with. Good communication goes far beyond just talking to one another. It is about being able to pick up on cues from body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. This can be tricky because every person is different and will communicate in different ways. In every strong relationship the people involved know the best ways to communicate with one another. 


Unfortunately there are no short cuts to developing good communication it takes time to get to know one another. However one thing you can begin to do if you want to improve the communication in your relationship is for both people involved to actively listen to what the other person is saying. This means hear the words being spoken, see the expressions and body language of the other person, and listen with the intend to understand not to reply. If you don’t understand something then ask rather than making assumptions. Making an extra effort to listen and understand will improve your communication with anyone. 




Being honest involves being truthful and not engaging in acts of deceit. When it comes to strong relationships the presence of honesty is more than just being truthful and not telling lies. It also involves presenting the real you, your genuine self to the other person. Often at the start of any relationship we can be slightly false to seek acceptance and act in a manner which we believe the other person will like. However this will drain your energy, lead to fatigue, and can also lead to feelings of anxiety. Telling lies and masking the truth will also lead to these same negative effects.


If you are in a relationship that lacks honesty or you just want to add more honesty to a relationship then you and the other person(s) involved must; cut out lie telling or masking of the truth, be your genuine self (any one that doesn't like you for you isn’t worth you time), and be honest at the times even if you know it may not be what the other person wants to hear.


Positive Experiences 


Having positive experiences are crucial to maintaining strong relationships. This is because going through a positive experience strengthens a relationship and they also provide you with past memories to look back with fondness and happiness. I guarantee for every strong relationship you have there will be multiple positive memories attached and experiences to it.


If you want to add more positive experiences to a relationship then you and the other person(s) involved could; make time to plan fun activities together, be spontaneous, step outside both your comfort zones, try new things, or plan a holiday together.