What is Flourishing?

Flourishing is a measure of wellbeing and is defined as “living within an optimal range of human functioning, one that connotes goodness, growth, and resilience.”    Simply put, when an individual is flourishing they are operating with a high level of wellbeing.

Your wellbeing is how happy, healthy, and content you are. If you think of your wellbeing as a sliding scale that goes up and down throughout your life flourishing would be at the top end of that scale. When you are flourishing you feel really happy, healthy, and are genuinely content with your life. Ultimately this what itsMYtime is aiming to help you accomplish and maintain. 

What can Flourishing do for you?

Your wellbeing can be improved and strengthened like the muscles in your body. If you do choose to work on your wellbeing you will become happier, psychologically and physically healthier, and lead a more fulfilling life. You will be flourishing! 

Check out some of the amazing benefits you can receive from strengthening all areas of your wellbeing.


Achieve a healthy weight 
Strengthen your immune system
Improve your cardiovascular health
Increase your life expectancy
Boost your energy levels
Reduce your levels of stress
Enhance your quality of sleep
Improve your fitness levels


Elevate your mood
Reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression
Improve your confidence and self-esteem
Improve your memory and concentration
Increase your resilience and perseverance
Increase your feelings of optimism
Improve your life satisfaction
Help you to cope better with life's ups and downs


Improve your productivity at work
Strengthen your supportive network
Increase the chances of career advancement
Increase your pro social behaviour
Improve your relationship satisfaction
Strengthen your relationships
Improve your ability to interact with others

How Do you Flourish?

If you want to flourish and receive the benefits of doing so then you need to work on improving the different areas of your wellbeing. The best way to do this is to follow the PERMA model. This is where we come in. All the wellbeing workouts here on itsMYtime are based on this model and completing them will improve your wellbeing and increase the chances of your flourishing.