What is wellbeing?

Your wellbeing is how happy you are, how healthy you are, and how content you feel within your life. Think of your wellbeing as a sliding scale that goes up and down throughout your life. When you feel happy, healthy, and believe things are going well then you will be experiencing a high level of wellbeing, also known as flourishing, which opens you up to a number of fantastic benefits. However when you don't feel happy or healthy and believe things aren't going so well then your wellbeing will be lower. This can lead to you experiencing problems such as feeling low, suffering from anxiety, or experiencing negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. itsMYtime aims to help you improve the different areas of your wellbeing to a high level so you can receive the benefits of this and avoid the issues related to a low level of wellbeing. 

Can anyone strengthen their wellbeing?

Yes, anyone can improve their wellbeing regardless of their background or current circumstances. All of us have the potential to be happier, healthier, and to lead more fulfilling lives. Think of your wellbeing like your body. If you choose to spend time working on improving the different areas of your body then you will become stronger and fitter. This is exactly the same for your wellbeing. If you choose to spend time working on the different areas of your wellbeing then you will become psychologically, physically, and socially stronger and because of this go on to lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. 

How do I know which wellbeing programme is right for me?

Each wellbeing programme has a description outlining why you should choose it. If after reading these you are still unsure then take a moment to assess each of the six areas of your wellbeing. Is there currently an area lacking from your life? At this moment in time is there an area you feel is weaker than the others? Or is there an area of your wellbeing you want to make particularly strong? If so then select the programe relating to that area. If you still are unsure then select a wellbeing programme that works on all six areas equally. 

How will I know if my wellbeing is improving?

You will begin to experience some of the benefits of improving your wellbeing. For example, you may notice yourself becoming less stressed, your confidence maybe rising, you may realise you're getting on better with work colleagues, or you may notice yourself feeling happier day to day. There are a multitude of benefits you can receive from improving your wellbeing and if you begin to experience these more regularly then you will know it is improving. However it is important to make you aware of the fact that this will be unique to you as your life is different from everybody else's.

Am I tied into a contract?

Here at itsMYtime our memberships operate on a rolling basis but can be cancelled at anytime with no additional cancellation fee. Our memberships work in the following way. After your free trial period has expired you will be charged the membership fee corresponding to the membership you have selected. Once your payment has been accepted you will have full access to itsMYtime for the full duration of your selected membership. At the end of this duration your membership will automatically renew for the same length of time. If you opt to cancel your membership then you will have full access to all areas of itsMYtime until it expires.

How do I change my password?

To re-set your password click the following link.
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Is there anyway to 'befriend' or 'follow' specific members?

Here at itsMYtime all of our members contribute to our positive online supportive community. We believe each member has the ability to inspire, help, or aid another member on their journey to improving their wellbeing. Therefore we don't have any function within the community areas that could potentially divide or split the community into smaller groups. There is always more strength in numbers.

How do I claim my free months membership from inviting others?

A soon as you have successfully signed up two members for the required amount of time we will automatically issue you with your free months membership. This simply works by pushing your next payment due date back by a month.

Does itsMYtime have an app that I can download?

We currently do not have an app for itsMYtime. We are currently in the process of having one developed. When this has been completed we will make all of our members aware it is ready to be downloaded. 

How do I delete my account on itsMYtime?

If you wish to delete your account simply contact us and let us know you wish for your account to be deleted. 

I'm struggling to complete a particular wellbeing workout?

If you're struggling with any wellbeing workout, we recommend you first check the Wall of AI to see how others have completed it. If you're still unsure then you can always ask for advice in the support room for itsMYtime. If that doesn't help you then feel free to contact us for advice.