Here at itsMYtime we use cookies as well as certain tracking technologies to enhance your experience on our site and to ensure you have the best possible experience.

What are Cookies? 

Cookies are used to record information about your preferences as you browse our site. This allows us to improve your experience by tailoring our site to suit what you like. They are small data files that are used as unique identifiers. They are sent from the site's servers to your computet, tablet, or mobile phone and stored on your device, and may then be sent back to our site's servers with updated data as you browse our site. 

Why we use Cookies? 

Ultimately we use cookies to enhance your experience when visiting the different areas of itsMYtime. We want you to have the best experience possible when you're using our site and cookies help us to do this. For instance, we use cookies to understand your preferences, to make your time visiting itsMYtime more efficient, and to track and analyse your usage so that we can make improvements to the site.

If you decide to either not activate cookies or to disable them through your web browser settings at a later date, then you will still be able to visit our site. However your experience maybe limited.

Types of Cookie we use on itsMYtime 

Our site uses Session Cookies, and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies operate from the moment you enter the site until the moment you leave. Once you log off Session Cookies are deleted. Persistent Cookies on the other hand have a set expiry date and will be stored on your computer until either the date is reached, or you delete your cookies using your browser settings.

The categories of cookies we use on itsMYtime also includes; 

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential to our site, if they are disabled, your experience on our site maybe interrupted.

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect anonymous data about your visit to the site. For instance, information about how you use the site, which site you came from, the number of your visits, and how long you stay on the site for. We use this data to improve your future experiences and to identify potential issues you maybe experiencing.

Functionality Cookies

During your visit to the site, these cookies are used to remember information you have entered or choices you have made. They also store your preferences when personalising the site to optimise your use of itsMYtime. These preferences are remembered through the use of Persistant Cookies, and the next time you visit the site you won't have to set them again.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies

These cookies deliver advertisements which are tailored to your web activity. A targeting cookie tracks what you click on whilst on our site, and may share details of what you click on with other organisations such as advertisers. These cookies can also help us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Third party cookies are used on our site by approved organisations to provide services on our site. This list includes organisations such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Analytics.

How do I Turn Off Cookies? 

You have the option to either activate or deactivate the use of cookies through your web browser. Each web browser will have a slightly different way of doing this. Go to your web browser settings for further instructions on how to do this.