How Does itsMYtime Work?

itsMYtime is the first gym of its kind. This is because here instead of training the different areas of your body you work on strengthening the different areas of your wellbeing. To do this, simply select the area of your wellbeing you wish to strengthen and complete Wellbeing Workouts for that area.

Backed by Science

We have hundreds of wellbeing workouts for you to challenge yourself with. Each workout has been developed from scientific research into Positive Psychology and tested extensively to ensure it will help improve the targeted area of your wellbeing. Still not convinced? Try a Wellbeing Workout today!

The Six Areas of Wellbeing

Below are the six areas of wellbeing you can work on here at itsMYtime.

Positive Emotions
Experiencing a range of different positive emotions more frequently.

Engaging effectively with your work, interests and hobbies, other people, and day to day tasks.

Positive Relationships
Building and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in your life.

Feeling that you have a purpose, the actions you take in your life matter, and you’re connected to a cause greater than yourself.

Achieving your goals, evolving as a person for the better, and challenging yourself on a consistent basis.

Positive Physical Health
Enabling your body to function as well as it possibly can, without unnecessary impairment.

What are the Benefits of Strengthening Each Area?

Positive Emotions

Have more fun in your day to day life
Reduce feelings of anxiety
Develop a more optimistic view of your life
Learn how to deal with negative emotions
Develop a greater appreciation for what you have and the world around you


Reduce work related stress
Make your work life more enjoyable
Improve your ability to perform at your hobbies and interests
Increase your chances of career advancement
Improve your concentration and focus

Positive Relationships

Strengthen your supportive network
Have more fun in your current relationships
Reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation
Learn to repair damaged relationships
Improve your work based relationships


Add further purpose to your life
Become more optimistic about your future
Combat symptoms associated with depression
Make your occupation more meaningful
Discover your importance to others and the world around you


Increase your confidence and self-esteem
Achieve more of your goals and aspirations
Increase your resilience and perseverance 
Eliminate procrastination
Learn to overcome set backs and obstacles

Positive Physical Health

Experience less stress
Achieve a healthy weight
Boost your energy levels
Reduce your risk of developing certain diseases and illnesses
Improve your quality of sleep

Become a Member

What else can itsMYtime do for you?

itsMYtime will change your mindset from reactive to proactive

Unfortunately in today’s society people tend to be more reactive than proactive. They often wait until something is wrong before trying to improve it but this makes no sense. Why wait until a relationship begins to deteriorate before putting work in to improve it? Why wait until a doctor says that you need to eat a healthier diet and be more active when you could always have been doing it? The wellbeing workouts on itsMYtime address this by encouraging you to be proactive. This is because they require you to take some time out of your day to work on an area of wellbeing to make it stronger. This is a better attitude to possess instead of waiting until something goes wrong or causes you distress before you attempt to improve it. 

itsMYtime can make the good things in your life great

Each area of your wellbeing can be made stronger. If you are a happy positive person you can always experience positive emotions more frequently and intensely. Your best relationships can be made even stronger. If you've achieved a lot in your life there are always new challenges for you to take on or overcome.

itsMYtime offers you a unique experience

itsMYtime is a revolutionary service that provides you with everything you need to improve your wellbeing. No other gym or digital service can offer you simple, enjoyable, and achievable workouts to complete that will strengthen all areas of your wellbeing.

itsMYtime offers you convenience

You can use itsMYtime to work on any area of your wellbeing, anytime of the day, anywhere in the world.

itsMYtime makes you part of a supportive community

Once you become a member of itsMYtime you become part of our positive online community. This allows you to;

  1. Share how you complete your wellbeing workouts with other members.
  2. Receive support off other members if you are facing issues effecting your wellbeing obstacles in your life, or any difficulties you maybe facing.
  3. Offer advice, guidance, and support to fellow members who maybe experiencing any difficulties.
  4. Write articles for itsMYtime’s members to see.
  5. Help build the community by personally inviting people you know.

What is the History Behind itsMYtime?

itsMYtime was created by Leon Burley, an expert in the field of wellbeing development. After completing a degree in Psychology and Sport, Leon spent 7 years in the healthcare sector working with individuals to help them improve their wellbeing using theories and techniques from Positive Psychology. He was always keen to apply the knowledge he gained from his studies, his research, and his experiences from working with clients to help as many people as possible. Therefore to make this a reality he combined two of his passions; wellbeing development and keeping fit through working out at the gym. He took his knowledge on wellbeing development and placed it into a digital gym format. Leon recognised that numerous gyms exist where people can go to work on becoming stronger, fitter, and getting the body they desire. He simply believed there should be a place where they can go to work on becoming happier, healthier, and getting the life they desire.

What is the Vision for itsMYtime?

Our vision is simply to 'Improve the wellbeing of the world.'

If you believe in our vision then join today or help us by spreading the word!