5 Ways to Make Any Relationship More Exciting

Do you want to make a relationship your involved in more exciting, enjoyable, or fun? If so simply pick an item off the list below and give it a go ASAP.


Set a Joint Goal

One way to add some sure fire fun and excitement to a relationship is to set a joint goal together. This can be done in one of two ways. You can either set a goal you will work together to complete. For instance both agreeing to raise money together through completing a charity run. Or you can both work on the same goal separately.  


Travel Somewhere new

A great way to have a little adventure is to change up your scenery and go to new places. For instance, you and your partner could book a weekend away to explore a different city. You could go on a day trip shopping with one of your friends to a shopping centre neither of you have been to. Or if with work colleagues, you could try somewhere new to go for your after work drinks on a Friday evening. Visiting new destinations will always increase the level of excitement. 


Be Silly Together

Sometimes it's fun just to be able to mess around and not take life too seriously. Tell jokes, share funny pictures/videos, and share funny memories with the people you have relationships with. Give yourselves permission to be silly from time to time because it will give you both a much needed break from the stresses of life. You don’t always have to be on your best behaviour. From time to time it’s ok to simply have mindless laughter and goof around with others.


Limit Your Phone Time

If you want to really have fun with others when your together then you’ll need to all put the phones away. Smartphones have a negative impact on our attention span as well as our ability to communicate with others. When you get the opportunity to spend time in person with others then be in the moment and enjoy that time. Don’t waste it by scrolling down your social media pages or checking the apps on your phone. You can do that in your own time. 


Try a New Activity

It can be fun to try something completely different with friends, family members, or loved ones. So organise to go ice skating, rock climbing, to an escape room, or a wine tasting class. And if you're terrible at it? All the more fun you’ll all have. You can all laugh through it together.